Christopher BankeAs most who know him are aware, Chris Banke started with his calling as a dog trainer when he was just 15. Even at such a young age, Chris knew that that he loved to train dogs. In fact, that was when he founded the Algemeiner Schutzhund Club. That meant he was already hooked on the profession. He knew even then what he would be doing for a living for the rest of his life. That’s a rare thing, really. Of course, he would never be content with just doing this; he had to become the best trainer ever.

He was smart enough at 15 to get one of the other trainers to help him. The one who chose to mentor him recommended that he focus his training prowess on German Shepherds. Since she was one of the ten best trainers in the country, he took her advice and it worked out extremely well. Chris Banke was so good even then, he established his own dog training business at the age of 19, which he called “Chris Banke Protection Dog Trainer.” That facility is still in business up in northern Vermont and thriving.