Whether your dog training needs are to create a very good law enforcement dog, or you want your dog to enter canine competition or the entertainment industry, or perhaps you just want your dog to behave. Whatever your needs, Christopher Banke has the skills to get you to where you want to go. He has, after all, been training dogs for almost any purpose for more than three decades. He may seem to young for that to be the case, but that’s because he started early. He discovered his passion for training dogs when he trained his Doberman, Dana, when he was just 15. Seeing his passion and his advanced skill level at such a young age, he caught the eye of an older, more experienced trainer named Margarete Iaquinto. She was the one who encouraged him to look into training German Shepherds, which was a good thing.

Within a short time, Christopher Banke’s hard work and discipline pushed him into the upper echelon of dog trainers in the United States. In fact, he had already started his own dog training company at a large facility in northern Vermont by the time he was 19. That facility is still in operation and very successful to this day.

Most of the time now, Chris Banke works as an independent trainer for pet people of all types in all walks of life. Of course, he still trains dogs for the police and the movies and TV, but he also puts as much effort into training dogs for dog parents who just want their fur babies to behave.