Once upon a time, Christopher Banke and his very own dog, “Dino von der Maineiche,” received the second highest Schutzhund/IPO III in the United States with a trial score of 297. That is a great example of his amazing training skills, and he can do much the same for any dog. That doesn’t mean he can only train for shows. In fact, Chris and Dino were featured in the Oscar nominated movie, Frozen River. That is a high degree of versatility, but is able to tran any dog, at any level, for anything.

Christopher Banke has been training dogs for a very long time, even though he is still relatively young. He initially demonstrated an aptitude and a compelling love of dog training when he was just 15 and he founded the Algemeiner Schutzhund Club. He knew even then that training dogs was something he would always want to do. As a teen, several experienced trainers encouraged him to focus on German Shepherds and they also helped him to improve his skills to the point that he is now considered one of the best anywhere. In fact, by the time he was 19, he established his own dog training facility in northern Vermont. “Chris Banke Protection Dog Trainer” is still going strong to this day.

Over the course of his three decades in the business, he has trained many dogs and he also has coached and he has also assisted a number of other competitive dog handlers to prepare their canines for competitions at the local, state, regional and national levels. In addition, Chris as trained many dogs to work in law enforcement and the entertainment industry.